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[charcoal] The Process – Step 2

Here are a few more steps done today on my LaDue Ladies charcoal drawing! Finished rendering in the darkest value then applied a powder for midtones and blending. Then lifted out highlights to get a feel for the image.


[charcoal] The Process – Step 1

For fun I'm going to show the steps to of a charcoal/graphite pencil drawing! This a piece for the LaDue Ladies Luncheon of an old time cowgirl. This shows adding of the darkest charcoal value. Stay tuned for putting in the midvalue with charcoal powder!



First off, welcome to my new website! And thanks for stopping by. I'm really excited to use this blog to keep you all up to date with what's happening around the ranch, and share my (many) creative projects. This past year has been one of trying new things; I decided to try oil painting and have been loving it! I also added handbags to the Paige.Belts leather accessory repertoire. The response to both has been wonderful, and I appreciate all of the support! Enjoy this beautiful spring weather that's (finally) arrived, and check back soon for more updates!