About the Artist

The inspiration behind the artistry of Paige Albrecht.

Inspired by the western lifestyle, Paige brings life to her passion through charcoal & graphite pencil drawing, and recently, oil painting. Being born into a ranch family near Trochu, Alberta, afforded Paige the opportunity to truly know her subject. As a seasoned horsewoman, Paige’s pride is experiencing each element of the modern cowboy — a concho, the architecture of a well worn saddle, the instinct of a cutting horse, the wisdom of a ranch horse, or the grit of a working cowhorse.

As a self-taught pencil artist, she felt the need for a higher learning and for years Paige let fear stop her from trying another medium. A restriction with pencil led her to experiment with the looseness of charcoal and then oil paint. Paige is drawn to contemporary realism of a painterly quality, with evident brushstrokes and colors that push what is seen in reality. Her new mantra is “feel the fear and do it anyway.”

Paige Albrecht